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GMAT Advanced

"At last! A GMAT study guide that offers complete coverage of difficult quantitative GMAT topics!"

Dear Friend,

Have you ever purchased a product, taken it home, and then realized the product was missing an important piece?

Maybe a software package was missing a disk, a piece of furniture was missing a screw, or an assembly-required product was missing an instruction manual.

Wasn't it frustrating?

Okay, but what does this have to do with the GMAT? Actually ... more than you might think!

You see, it turns out that most GMAT study guides are missing an important piece.

These study guides don't offer sufficient coverage of difficult quantitative GMAT topics like probability, counting methods, and statistics. In fact, some study guides don't cover these topics at all (whoops!).

That's exactly why we created our GMAT Advanced study course. We focus on what other guides leave out so that you aren't surprised on test day.

With GMAT Advanced, you'll be able to
  • Study with common-sense GMAT study guides for the difficult GMAT subjects of probability, advanced probability, counting methods, and statistics.

  • Practice any time of the day or night with a complete set of GMAT practice questions for these subjects. These questions are designed to help you build confidence and improve your GMAT skills.

    In fact, according to the National Training Laboratories, the average retention rate for "practicing by doing" is 75% -- this is exactly where our practice questions come in. In contrast, the NTL reports the average retention rate for lectures is only 5%. Think about that before you spend $800 on a GMAT course! Best of all, ...

  • Learn GMAT tips, tricks, and strategies from ACTUAL GMAT high scorers. Get in-depth reports on the GMAT from these recent test takers. They will reveal to you what worked for them and -- most importantly -- what didn't!

Here are some examples of what you will find inside our GMAT prep package:

  • A time-saving shortcut for solving combination and permutation problems.

  • A formula from an 18th-century mathematician that can help you solve probability problems.

  • What study materials high-scorers used in their GMAT preparation. Don't waste your money on inferior GMAT products.

  • How high-scorers' practice test scores compared to their real GMAT scores.

  • How to stay focused when studying for the GMAT. Learn what one 740-scorer did to get serious about studying.

  • Simple steps one test taker took to reduce test-day anxiety.
But don't take it from us ... we think one of our students said it best:

"The material is terrific! It's material that [other test prep companies] have failed to deliver -- more emphasis on probability, statistics, permutations, and combinations." David P.

Think about it -- The quantitative section of the GMAT contains only 37 questions. If our GMAT Advanced course helps you answer just ONE question correctly that you otherwise would have missed, how much would that be worth to you? $50 ... $100 ... $200?

What if a higher score made the difference in your acceptance to your top-choice school? Could you even put a price on that?

An entire year of access to our GMAT Advanced course is available available for only $27. Considering you will have to pay $200 each time you take the GMAT, we think that you'll find our prep package is an excellent investment.

Why are we able to offer you all of these materials for only $27? It's actually really simple. All of our products are digitally delivered. This means that we don't have the high overhead of most other test prep companies.

If you order GMAT Advanced today, we'll also include the following as a free bonus:

Bonus #1: Advanced Algebra Study Guide

Why do you need this study guide? One of our students recently informed us that he encountered an advanced algebra question on the GMAT. This study guide will help you master this topic so that you are prepared for these questions on test day.

Bonus #2: GMAT Mental Strategies

Are you paralyzed by test anxiety? This guide contains strategies you can use to conquer your GMAT anxiety. Find out about 3 simple exercises you can perform on test day to reduce stress and improve focus.

Bonus #3: 179 extra practice questions

We'll also include this extra set of challenging GMAT practice questions, including: motion problems, work problems, interest problems, mixture problems, geometry problems, inequality problems, data sufficiency problems, and much more.

We stand behind our products. Study with all of our GMAT materials for a full 8 weeks ... If you are not satisfied for any reason, just let us know and we'll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

The Delta Course has already helped thousands prepare for the GMAT since we opened in August of 2002 ... now we want to help you!

It's easy to start studying. Just click here for immediate access to all of our prep materials. Your order will be instantly processed by ClickBank, one of the Internet's largest and most respected payment processors.

The sign-up process takes less than two minutes. Don't waste valuable study time ... click here to order now!

We sincerely hope you decide to become a Delta Course student. We love teaching, and we especially love hearing our students' success stories.

To your success,

The Delta Course

P.S. Order today to guarantee that you will receive all of our course materials plus your 3 free bonuses for only $27. Click here to access our materials and your special bonuses.

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